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November 27, 2013
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 Supernatural X Child! Nephilim! Reader


It is strange to think of Hunters caring for an abomination like me.

What am I you may ask?

Well I will tell you:

I am a Nephilim.

I am a half-human half-angel that was born on the day when the Antichrist was found.

When Sam and Dean Winchester found me.

It is strange that such a heavenly being like I was born on this day, but this was coincidentally the day in which humans celebrate: Thanksgiving.

Personally I wouldn't have given a crap about today if it were not my birthday.

Anyway I am not here to give you my sob story but to tell you how I got to become the daughter of the legendary Winchester brothers and a fallen angel.



“_______! _______! Wake up! We have to get back on the road…NOW!” Sam yelled.

“Momma-I mean Sammy I’m coming!” you screamed back and went back to hugging your Attack On Titan Levi plush toy. ‘I wonder if they will remember it’s my birthday today?’

*cue flashback*

You were turning two this year but in reality you looked more like a ten year old. The reason: since you were a Nephilim you grew up a little faster than normal human child. Two years ago, Sam and Dean found you after they finished a job involving a child named Jesse otherwise known as the Antichrist (Episode 88).

You were crying on the side of the road, wrapped up in blankets that have seen better days, and a note that said, “Nowhere else to go!”

Sam and Dean were really confused as to why the hell a baby would be on the side of the road. They pulled up beside your makeshift crib slash cardboard box and Sam was the first to get out of the car. You were still crying when he picked you up and said, “Hey little guy”

Dean finally got out of the car and stated, “Why in the hell is a baby here?”

His tone of voice made you cry louder. Then Sam said, “Shut up Dean! You’re scaring him..her?” Sam put a finger next to your chin and your cries quieted. Sam smiled.

Dean was quiet for a moment then in no time he replied, “You always were the soft one”

Sam just gave him a look and turned back to you. You happily took Sam’s finger near your chin and began sucking on it. Then realizing no milk was coming from it, you stopped sucking and started crying again.

Dean wasn't pleased with your shrills “What did you do Sam?!”

“Nothing!” He tried to placate you again but you continued howling. “…I think he/she is hungry. We should get it something”

“Oh no” Dean said. “First it’s getting it something then we end up taking care of it! We are NOT taking care of some random baby! Hell we just finished a job that involved the child Antichrist!”

“We can’t leave him/her out here Dean- Dean….DEAN look at that!” Sam said.

Your eyes started glowing white and tiny wings started to come out of your back.

Sam looked to Dean, “I think this is worth investigating”

Dean looked to you with incredulity. After poking your pudgy cheek with his finger, you stopped crying and held his finger with surprising strength. Dean gave a small smile after you were looking at his finger like it was some kind of creature. “Err maybe we can take it with us…just this once” Dean finally said.

You gave a baby giggle and smiled.

*flashback over*

“When Momma Sam means wake up now he means now” Dean sneakily added.

Sam gave Dean a distasteful look. “Shut up I’m not a mother!”

“You sure about that? You got the hair like one” Dean replied, while taking a sip of coffee.

Sam almost launched a comeback until you came downstairs floating drowsily. Rubbing your eye you said, “My wings are hurting again”

One of the perks of being a Nephilim, you got to float a little bit and sometimes you could actually take out your wings. When you first used your wings, you were shocked on how different they looked. They were half black and half white. Kind of like a Dalmatian. Unfortunately, Dean would point this out and to tease you, he called you “Spot”.

Sam quickly came over to you and picked you up by the armpits. He then sat down in a dining chair and put you on his lap. “Show me where does it hurt?”

You pointed to your back. Sam turned you over. Your wings seemed to try to protrude your nightshirt so Sam had to carefully remove it. Once he removed the shirt, your wings immediately spread out.

‘They are getting bigger’ he thought. “Show me where it hurts again?”

Shifting your arm you pointed to the base of your wings. “Right there” ‘Maybe they are pretending not to remember my birthday and then surprise me with a birthday cake…’

Sam had to make your wings outstretch more to get a better look. When he finally saw what the problem was, he noticed you were actually dawning new feathers and shedding the fawn that usually covered them.

Dean came over to you with his coffee. Dean genuinely liked your wings but he especially liked teasing you, as you were the only girl in the group after all. “Nice wings Spot. You going to take them out for a test run?”

You pouted. “My name’s not Spot, Dean! Stop teasing me or I’m gonna send Grandpa on you!”

Grandpa was Castiel. You affectionately called him that. After he got over you being an abomination, that is. He figured since you haven’t hurt anyone and actually helped him and the Winchester boys get out of all sorts of situations, he deemed you useful…and he liked when you laughed. It reminded him of all the cherubs he used to see in heaven.

*ring ring!*

Dean picked up the phone and answered it, “Yeah? Uh huh. Alright we will be there” He hung up the phone and told Sam, “Sam hurry up we have to gank this demon, Shelley (the customer) is freaking out”

“Dean I am a little busy here!” Sam retorted.

You squirmed out of Sam’s grip and put back on your shirt. “It’s okay Sammy. We have to save that person first” You smiled.

Sam smiled to and pinched your cheek. “That’s a good girl”

Then in an afterthought you added, “Sam what day is it?” ‘Please oh please remember it’s my birthday!’  you mentally crossed your fingers.

Dean was the first to respond, “Uh I think it’s the 28th …why?”

‘They forgot again’ You looked deflated. “….Oh nothing”

You and the brothers got out of the storehouse, or as you liked to call it home in Lebanon, Kansas.

You headed over to a house in Oklahoma where a woman named Shelley was having a demon possessing her sister.

In no time, Sam and Dean burst through the door with holy water and spray paint.

And where were you exactly? Easy in the…


You huffed in frustration as you tapped on the cold glass pane. You didn't understand that after two years of being with them that they still treated you like a baby. I mean you helped them with the research and even pointed out the monsters! Heck one time you took Dean’s angel knife and stabbed one of Naomi’s minions. You were a tough girl but they seemed not to understand that yet. But today you were especially angry.

They forgot your birthday! You blinked back tears. This was exactly what happened on your last birthday. You guys went out on a mission like this and by the time they even remembered your birthday, a week and a half already passed. You would have said something but you figured that the job must be more important.

In anger you kicked the passenger seat in front of you leaving a dent in the leather. Too angry to care Dean was going to yell at you, you got out of the car. You popped open the trunk and shifted through their weapons. Dean told you to never touch his weapons but you didn't really listen.

Just as you touched a shotgun, you heard a flapping noise behind you. You’d know that flapping noise anywhere:


“I don’t think you should be touching that” he said in his gruff voice.

You turned around and crossed your tiny arms. Normally you would have ambushed him with a hug but right now you were mad. “I touch what I want, Grandpa”

Castiel’s eyebrow twitched. He didn't particularly like his nickname but he tolerated it. “You seem angry ______. What’s wrong?”

You bit your plump lips. “I’m not acting strange, you are!” You turned your face away.

Castiel just stared at you knowing you were going to say something else.

“Cas…do you even know what today is?” you looked back at him with teary eyes. ‘How would he know what today is? He’s an angel, he doesn’t care for a monster like you…’

In a knowing way, he stepped forward and kneeled down in front of you. “Today is your birthday ______”

Your little eyes widened and then began leaking tears. “Y-You remembered Grandpa!” You put your little hands around his neck.

Cas was not sure what to do at this point. Then he remembered that humans usually hug the other person when they are being hugged. He hugged your tiny body close to him.

Just then Sam and Dean finished their exorcism and came out of Shelley’s house. Dean was the first to notice you and Cas.

“Cas! What brings you by?”

Sam looked to you and in alarm said, “Why is ______ crying!?”

“U-um-“ Cas said.

You on the other hand ripped yourself from Cas’s arms and rounded on the Winchesters. “You forgot today didn’t you!”

Dean and Sam looked to each other bewildered. Sam kindly asked, “Forgot what _____?”

Your damp eyes leaked out fresh tears again. “My birthday!”

Dean stupidly said, “I thought it was Thanksgiving?”

You got so angry that your eyes started glowing white. “My birthday is on Thanksgiving you moron!” Then a ripping sound was heard.


Your shirt from the back was torn to reveal a pair of black and white wings. Then to everyone’s shock, you started flapping away and quickly disappeared.

A moment of silence surrounded the trio.

Then all at once, Dean said, “She can fly?!” “I can’t believe we forgot like last year” Sam said sadly.

“Yeah…dammit!” Dean shook his head.

Castiel looked to them and said, “Shall I find her?”

Sam and Dean nodded.

Cas nodded his head once and flew off.



Fortunately it was not hard to find you.

You were in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada bawling. “T-they don’t care about m-me. I’m just a-a-another monster t-to them! They probably don’t even l-love me!”

“That’s not true”

You turned to find Cas near you.

“What do you know Grandpa? You don’t love anyone…not even me” You put your head to your knees.

Cas came to you. “That’s not true. I love my Father and my fellow brethren…" He touched your shoulder "....even you”

You snapped your head to him with mouth hanging open. “R-really?”

He picked you up easily and said, “Really”

You snuggled against him and murmured, “I love you too Grandpa”

Cas looked down to you and said, “You ready to go home?”

“No, they forgot about me but…” you looked up at Cas “but I will go back if you promise to stay with me”

“Alright” Cas responded as he flew up with you into the sky.



You and Cas arrived back to the bunker in Lebanon, Kansas. You were currently walking towards the storehouse when the door opened. Sam and Dean burst through and when they saw you they were relieved.

Sam hugged you and Dean brought you close patting your hair.

“Don’t ever go away like that again young lady” Sam scolded.

“Or else your Dad here would have to track you down and ground you” Dean added.

You gave them both a big hug. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to”

Dean was the first to pull away then Sam followed suit. Motioning you to come forward, Dean said, “Come on munchkin we got a little surprise for you”

Sam grabbed your hand and you followed. You looked behind you to make sure Cas was coming. “Sammy? Cas can come in too right?”

Sam looked to Cas then to you. “Fine, whatever you want honey” He made a small grin.

You smiled gleefully and told Cas, “Take my hand Grandpa!”

Cas obeyed, took your hand and went inside.

Upon arriving in the bunker, you gasped. “Woah!”

The table was set up with everything that was required for a feast. From mashed potatoes to the turkey, it spelled a traditional Thanksgiving. You tore your hands from Sam and Castiel’s. You rushed over to the table and screamed with joy. There on the pecan pie was a single lit candle. It also had your name and a Happy Birthday! with white icing on it.

Sam said, “I know this wasn’t exactly the birthday you wanted-“

You cut him off. “Are you kidding?! This-THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!” You happily floated. Then you asked, “Can I eat the pie first?”

Sam nodded. Dean looked at him with disbelief. “How come she gets to eat the pie first?!” (oh Dean you and your pecan pie)

It was Cas’s turn to talk, “It’s her birthday”

“B-but” Dean was saying when you said, “Sshhhhh! I’m making a wish!”

The three men stayed quiet until you blew the candle. You then gladly chowed down.

Cas being curious asked, “What did you wish for?”

You simply said, “To always have my Momma, Dadda, and Grandpa with me” then you burped like a heavyset man.

Sam said, “Say Excuse Me _____!”, Dean laughed and slapped his knee, and Castiel gave a hint of a smile.


Yes I am a Nephilim.

And I may be a monster-

But at least I have my family. 

DISCLAIMER: This story attacks on your emotions thus leaving you very mushy and perhaps leave you teary!

Dammit why are the Winchester brothers and Castiel such great men! (and angel lol)

I promised you guys a Thanksgiving story so here yeah go!

And did you get that reference in the beginning? (Hint hint: It’s a manga)

Until next time my readers!

(Yes BTLG is ongoing)

((The Supernatural TV Series is not own by me!))

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