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October 30, 2013
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“This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

In this town we call home everyone hail to the pumpkin song-”

“-AND ITS TIME FOR THE DEAD!!!!!!” you scream into your iStudio.

You absolutely loved Tim Burton’s movie the Nightmare Before Christmas!

You knew all the lyrics by heart but you loved to add some of your own lyrics to make it creepier and cool sounding.

It was exactly two days before Halloween and you were so excited. You couldn’t wait to celebrate it. To be a part of all the commotion; of all the colors and costumes, especially the candy. To become like a creature of the night that only stories describe. You like some people felt that they were real… that monsters lived among you…. Just waiting to be awakened….

*ding dong!*

You were taken out from your thoughts when you heard the doorbell.

‘Huh that’s weird. I’m not expecting anyone today’

Deciding it was not worth it to change out of your pajamas, you left your room to go downstairs.

You were about to open the door when the mail slot opened and dropped your mail on the marble floor.

‘Oh it’s just the mailman’

You were about to grab the mail from the floor when something told you to look outside. You looked through the peephole to find that the “mailman” had a strange black cape billowing out from behind him.

You pulled your head back confused. “That’s strange. I didn’t know that mail carriers were allowed to even where costumes while on the job?”

You looked back into the peephole to see if he would drive away in his mail-car but strangely, he seemed not to have one because he was gone in a flash.

You would have questioned this when Feliciano called on your cell phone. Did I forget to mention that you knew all the Hetalia characters?

How you may ask?

Let’s just say that you stumbled into their world meeting when you were trying to find the bathroom…

Anyway, back to the story:

You answered, “Hey wassup Feli?”

“Ciao bella! How are you-a doing?” You loved his bubbly personality; it was positively adorable!

“I’m doing good! How are you Feli?”

“Buena bella! Hey did you-a get my invitation?” Feli enquired.

You looked back to your mail confused. “Uh not sure…” You picked it up and scanned through it. Then you found Feli’s invitation. “Oh I found it!”

“Vee~! That is-a good!”

 You opened the envelope for it to reveal a Halloween themed invite.

It read:

“You are Invited to My SpOOky Party!

As our most honorable guest we want you to Be sure to bring your inner monster! ;)

 I hope you can come!

Please? Pretty please?”

You made a huge grin. “Aww Feli this is very cute! But did you have to keep asking for me to come? Cause I would have come anyway….”

Feliciano cheerily responded, “I just wanted to-a make sure! You are our most important guest~!”

Your cheeks became a little red. You knew Feli and some of the other male nations liked you (okay I lie, ALL of them liked you). Heck all the female nations constantly told you. Even Belarus, but she usually threatened to kill you….

“Nice to know I am so valuable to you guys” you joked.

“Oh you are bella…you are~” The last part of his sentence was spoken in a low voice.

You thought, ‘Err, that sounded really creepy. Meh, it’s probably nothing; Feli must have choked on a meatball again’

“Well Feli I gotta go and pick out my costume! And thanks again for inviting me!”

Feli’s disturbing voice vanished into nothingness and returned to his normal joyful one. “Okay bella! See you-a then! Vee~!” He hung up.

You looked to your phone, shook your head, and went out to get your costume.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Timeskip of the Monster Watching You From Behind You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Today was the day!

It was Halloween!

And not to mention you were going to a rocking party!

The party was the talk of your whole city.

Anyone who was anyone was invited, but because only nations and a few select people (aka you) were invited, everyone wanted to go. Over the years, people tried to sneak into the party but thankfully there was always security, so no one ever interrupted the party.

All your regular human friends were jealous that you of all people were invited to the party of the year.

As you dressed up, you couldn’t help but keeping at looking at the mirror. This was the first party that you ever went to that was world-renown.

Would you live up to the expectations of the people watching? Would you look pretty enough? I mean Elizabeth, Natalia, and the other nations were so much prettier! (No reader you are the prettiest one <3) Would your other friends continue to hate you as they did now? Would the nations kick you out if they hated your costume?

You looked down to your costume.

You were wearing a cute short red dress complete with a fiery tiara and a demon tail. You were supposed to be a Princess Of the Damned. You rather not say ‘Hell’ because that sounded ugly.

But continuing to look at your costume, you actually felt proud.

Who cares what everyone thought of you? YOU were the one that was invited rather than anyone else. YOU were the one that the nations cared about. Who CARES if you were not pretty or not? I mean there was a reason that you were invited and NOT them!

You finally decided that your ‘friends’ that hated you right now, were probably not even your friends. Seriously, who needs those kinds of ‘friends’ when you had Hetalia countries as your friends?

Your sudden boost of confidence made you grab your red trident and head for the door.

Unexpectedly, someone already knocked on your door.

 Confused you automatically opened your door without looking through the peephole first.

Seriously you should have because in another moment you were almost plummeted to the ground by a certain American hugging you.

“Hey dudette! You’re coming to the party right!?”

America’s strength was cutting off your air supply. “C-can’t b-breATHE!”

“Oh uh sorry!” America let go and rubbed the back of his head. Alfred was wearing the Jason costume, complete with the iconic hockey mask and fake chainsaw. Fake blood was splattered all over him while his tattered clothes billowed in the wind.

“You idiot! Are you trying to kill her?!”England yelled to America. Arthur was wearing a Victorian Vampire outfit. He looked simply elegant with his tall hat and purple cape. But what completed his costume were the fangs in his teeth and the fake blood that was “dripping” from his mouth. Then England took a step forward toward you and politely took your hand between his. “I am sorry that twit ambushed you”

You shrugged. “Nah it’s okay. I’m used to it by now”

England nodded and would have said something when France asked, “You are coming to zhe party right, Cherie?” Francis was wearing a costume that resembled that of a king. He had the staff by his side and the longest red-orange cape you had ever seen. The crown on top of his head looked authentic and the jewels that glinted off it screamed, “Yes these jewels are totally real and worth more than you will ever know”!

You looked to him and nodded. “Yeah, I was actually going right now but you guys came…”

Russia butt in the conversation and said, “So you’re dressed like a sexy seductress, da?” Ivan was wearing a strait jacket that psychotic people wear. He also had the wristband that had his last and first name along with this patient number. (Erm… that seems real..) He wore his scarf around his shoulders as always except this time his scarf had fake blood smeared all over it. The scarf seemed to have more red than pink in it.

You gave a full on blush. “I-I um-err-“

China stepped forward. “No, that’s not it, aru! It’s clear she is dressed as a sensual succubus!” Yao was dressed up as a ninja. His all black uniform exactly matched the darkness around him in front of your front door. If his fair face and dark eyes were covered by the mask, he would have literally melted into the shadows. His long hair was pulled back into his usual ponytail and he was holding ninja stars with blood all over them.

“Wha?!” You were getting really red, almost as red as your dress but of course it took a strong force to make them stop teasing you.

“Stop harassing, _____” Germany said in a stern voice. Ludwig had come dressed in dark purple and black. His usual slicked back blonde hair was complete with wolf ears, signaling he was supposed to be a werewolf. Behind him was a billowing black cape as dark as night.

‘Wait isn’t that the same black cape I saw that mail carrier wear?’ you wondered.

When you finally realized Germany defended you, you responded, “Thanks Ludwig. But seriously why are you guys all here? Not that I don’t want you here but… why?”

America was the first to respond, “Well we wanted to know if you were coming and since we weren’t gonna take ‘no’ for an answer we came to your house to come get you!”

You didn’t know if that was a compliment that they cared that you went to their party or if it was harassment that they would drag you there. “Okay? Thanks?”

“No problem!” Alfred smiled.

You felt like a headache was coming on when Ludwig said, “Ve should get going; ve are going to be late”

You all nodded and you took your hand away from Britain’s grip. Russia followed behind you while China stayed by your right side. All the male countries were excitedly chatting away about your costume, the party, and the event that was held in store for you.

When you curiously asked, “What do you mean an event exclusively for ME?”

They all smiled in a way that made your hair rise and ushered you into the long stretch limo they brought with them.



~~~~Timeskip Of Oh Look What They Are Going to DO to You Now~~~~~~~~~~~~



As soon as you pressed the doorbell, not two millisecnds passed when it opened revealing a bouncing Fox Feli. He was the second person to jump you today and gave you a spine-crushing hug.

When the Allied countries and Ludwig managed to get Feli off you, you were smiling.

You made it!

You made to the most anticipated party of the season with the media trying to get past the 40 foot tall iron gates that encircled the house and the woods behind it.

Might I add that due to Feli almost blowing up his own house with a grenade (yep it was during his Axis Power training again), the party was relocated last minute to America’s place since there was more security but sadly more media. (not that Francis was complaining; oh that adorable France)

You were let into the house and were glad that once the door was shut, you ceased to hear all the stupid questions the reporters were asking and all the people that were begging to come in.

You took a deep breath and looked at everything around you.

“Wow” was the first word that came out of your mouth.

All the nations were there, even the micronations (though I suspect they snuck in).

Costumes and blood galore filled the house.

Laughter, fighting, and greetings were heard everywhere inside the mansion.

The decorations were just fabulous.

Blood spatter covered the walls along with fake organs strewn across the couches and tables. Food was shaped like human extremities and human body parts were piled onto the corners of the house.

Jack o’ lanterns were the centerpieces of the huge dining tables and an enormous cauldron hung on top of the live fire of the gigantic fireplace.

Fake webs were strewn all across the stairs and walls with fake spiders crawling on them.

You were so awed by the site that you failed to notice Japan greet you. “Hmm?”

“I said herro _______. I rike your costume”

You snapped from your daze. “Sorry I didn’t hear you Kiku! I was admiring the decorations! And thank you! I like your costume too”

“Thank you” Kiku was wearing a dog demon geisha costume. He had white dog ears and bushy tail. (He really looked like InuYasha) His outfit was complete with blood spatter. There was much red on his white kimono that one wondered if it required that much blood on it. “America’s decorations rook so real”

You nodded in agreement. You were soon bombarded with greets once Feliciano announced that you came to the party.

From a Grim Reaper Prussia to a cute dragon Sealand, everyone greeted you and complimented your costume.

Soon France, Prussia, and a bloodied matador Spain crowded on top of one of the tables and yelled out, “It’s time for the main event!”

Everyone turned around and clapped.

You, on the other hand, were kicking back with all the female nations. You turned and asked an evil nurse Elizabeth (who was right next to you), “Hey do you by chance know what this event is?”

Hungary who was paying attention to what the BTT was doing, replied, “I’m not sure, but I know that you are involved somehow”

You gulped. ‘I guess they weren’t lying when they told me that they will involve me’

The Bad Touch Trio called out your name. “________! We are waiting~!”

“Kesesesese~ You vill LOVE it~” Prussia said with a smirk.

You hesitated to approach them when Elizabeth encouragingly said, “Hey don’t worry if they don’t behave I will just hit them with my frying pan”

You were still hesitant when Liechtenstein added, “Don’t worry, _______. I vill ask my bruder to shoot them vith his shotgun for you” She smiled innocently. 

You smiled at the adorable witch Lily. You then looked to the other women nations. They all gave you compliments and their moral support. Even the good-turned-evil-Minnie-Mouse Seychelles said, “They shall be furiously hit with my fish!”

Puffing your chest out in confidence, you march up to the three men.

They all smiled greedily. Then they all pointed to you, each got a microphone, and each of them said,

“So here are the guidelines…” Gilbert said.

“… this event is going to be a chase…” Antonio stated.

“…and whoever catches this Cherie, will get free candy and currency of their choice.” Francis ended.

Everyone looked to each other unexcited. Even the cricket was so bored that it refused to even creak!

Francis wanted this to be more interesting, so he stated, “Did I forget to mention that whoever catches this belle will get a kiss on the lips or cheek?”

Right away all the male nations cheered. They gave fistpumps and catcalls. Some said vulgar things that I rather not say, and what made it worse was that you had a short tight dress that revealed EVERYTHING!

“What! I didn’t agree to this!?” Your voice was drowned out by all the noise.

The female nations approached and looked to you in pity. But Lily encouragingly told you that every female country including her will try to win for you so no male nation would take advantage of you.

Soon after everyone quieted down, the chase would commence.

You just hoped you were up for it.


~~~~~~~~~~~Timeskip Of Aww Crap How Did You Get Into This… Oh yeah It Was Feli’s Fault~~~~~

You were in the backyard of America’s house all the nations were poised ready to chase you.

You were going to be given a five minute head-start to effectively hide yourself.

As soon as America shot a fake pistol signaling you to start running, you RAN!

The woods around you were so vast. Once you stepped into the forest, it felt like you were sucked into an abyss.

To be honest, it was more than a little frightening.

You kept on hearing noises and your stupid dress kept riding up your thighs.

You couldn’t even find a good hiding place with all the high trees around you. The only thing that would keep you from getting caught would be to keep running.

Soon you heard a BAM!

That gunshot signaled that the chase was now on.

“Crap!” you nearly shouted.

You ran as fast as you could. You were determined not to become a “prize”.

You wanted to be a person that was to be loved not a freaking trophy.

As you ran some sharp bushes came into your way, and scratched your leg.

“Ow!” you loudly whispered.

You then heard a rustle in the bushes to your far left. Hiding behind a tree, you looked to see who it was.

It was the Nordic bunch.

A wicked pirate Finland was leading and trying to follow your trail. A blood-drenched Viking Sweden was looking around quietly, looking for any signs of life. A malevolent troll-looking Norway and a bloody ghoul Iceland were silently following the broken branches of the bush you scratched yourself with.

You gulped because they were coming closer to your hiding spot.

Thankfully the loud zombie Denmark interrupted them and said, “______! ______! Come out! You know you want a kiss from the King!”

Norway got pissed off. “Moron! You probably warned her of our presence! Now none of us will get to kiss her!” He started to chase Matthias to choke him.

You giggled, rolled your eyes, and turned around to run.

But of course you stepped on a twig. It went: Snap!

They automatically spotted you. You turned to them, gave a timid smile, and then ran like hell! (hehe pun intended)

You were pretty sure you lost them when you ran into someone.


They seemed pretty strong because they barely moved while you fell on your butt.

“Hey! That hurt! Aren’t you going to help me up?”

You looked up but you couldn’t see his face from the way the light hit him.

“Hello? Earth to you! I need assistance. Boy for someone who wants a kiss from me, you are not trying too hard”

He did not respond or even move. You looked closer to his face. All you saw was the most evil orange eyes you had ever seen.

“What the hell?!”

He then demonically told you, “Run”

You screamed when you realized that this really was a monster or rather a demon that existed before your very eyes.

“Get away from me!” You ran away.

“Hehehe… try as you might but you shall never escape me” It demonically growled.

You ran faster than ever before. Even faster than when you were trying to escape the Nordics.

You felt like you ran for hours when your legs finally gave out from below you.

You heard demonic laughs and growls from all around you. You desperately wanted to get away when you heard a familiar voice.

“Are you okay _____?”

You stopped shaking in fear when you heard him. “Wha?”

Then after you heard a demonic voice reply back, “I got you~”

He stepped out of the shadows and gave you a full view to who he really was.

There in front of you stood, yep you guessed it:


You looked to him in horror.

“Feli!? What? How? You-?!” you stumbled over your own words, baffled.

“Hush my pretty. You are mine now~”

He tried to take you by the hand when in your last ounce of strength, you turned to run.

Sadly he was too fast because, he grabbed you from behind the waist.

You kicked and screamed as you were taken into the shadows of the night.


~~~~~~~Timeskip OF OH WAIT THERE’S MORE!--- Extended Ending~~~~~~~~


“Hey like where is Feliciano and ______?” asked a gored-up jester Poland.

“Yeah the hunt is supposed to be over for about an hour now” stated a zombified gangster Lithuania.

“Are you sure they didn’t get lost?” a criminal White Rabbit Latvia questioned.

“No way! There are clearly marked trails leading back to my house!” an insulted America replied.

“Well this doesn’t seem right. They would have come back by now” An immoral Batman Estonia responded.

“Let’s go and try to find zhem” declared Ludwig.

“I’m sure nothing has happened, they are probably walking back to us as we speak” assured the optimist bloody warlock Canada.

“Ret’s just rook for them anyway” said Japan.

Fifteen minutes into the search, Berwald found drops of blood on a bush. He pointed to it and soon Tino shouted, “Hey we got something over here!”

All the Hetalian nations crowded around and soon they found a blood trail.

Everyone looked to each other concerned but continued to follow the trail. Even the micronations, who were told to go back home, were desperate to look for you. You were one of the few people who recognized them for who they were.

The blood trail started to become thicker and thicker until finally a blood stained card appeared.

Ludwig picked it up. Read it and was shocked. He shakily passed the card around.

Everyone read the card, and they too were bewildered.

The card read:


I am sorry.

I did not know I had it in me.

I did not mean for this to happen.

Don’t look for me.

You shall never see me again.


Soon everyone took a few steps forward and found a badly torn body.

Almost all the blood was leaked out of it, and whoever gave the torture was a true monster indeed.

Feliciano was dead.

And you were nowhere to be found.

The nations couldn’t believe and much less comprehend what they were seeing. You couldn’t have possibly have done this. You were such a sweet girl! It HAD to be someone else!

They looked for you but you were never to be found again.

Although there were red glowing eyes in the distance watching them,


Always watching……

Hello my pretties! Do you like the mindbender and ultimately creepy story?

I promised to make a Halloween story! You like?

I hope you like the twist… it was positively horrifying! Didn’t I say that some monsters waited to be awakened?

So comment, critique, whateves but remember to ALWAYS enjoy! :D

And for anyone curious about my BTLG series here is the link!…

(And for those interested, yes I am continuing the BTLG series)

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