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“Come on _____! You can do it!”

“I can't! Pepper please stop!” You complained.

“____ bend more! You gotta bend it! Bend it!”

“But Pepper-“ you whined.

“No. Do it now!” she ordered.

“Yes Ms. Drill Sargent” you grumbled.

“What did you say?” You could practically see horns grow from her red head.

“I finished~”

She “Hmpfed” and fixed her ponytail.

Taking this as a sign to collapse, you feel down on the mat. “Ugh! Those 100 squats are a buzzkill!”

She grinned, “If you want a fit body you gotta work for it”

“That’s as bad as the saying, ‘No pain, no gain’” You groaned.


You put a hand to you face. Was it just you or did the lights become spinning circles?

Pepper looked around until her eyes settled on the men, “You know for a private gym there seems to be an excessive amount of cute guys here”

You whistled as you got up. “You’re with Tony, Pepper! Or are you checking out that Brazilian guy again?” Though the corner of your eye, you watched Steve.


You both laughed as you walked near the treadmills. By now your thighs were threatening, ‘If you push anymore, I guarantee you will fall headfirst on the treadmill conveyor belt!’

Clearly not wanting to be the first idiot to be knocked out by a treadmill you told Pepper, “Hey you wanna lift weights over there?” You pointed to the back of the gym.

Her green eyes followed where you were pointing at and cringed, “No….”

“Why not?”

“That’s ‘No Woman’s Land’”

“Huh?” You had to hear this.

“Haven’t you noticed not one woman has exercised there?”

You paused to think. “Yeah I guess”

“It’s because that’s ‘Men’s Territory’” Pepper said with huge eyes.

“Are you serious? They’re just guys” You crossed your arms.

“I’m dead serious. If you don’t believe me go over there and get some weights” Pepper challenged.

“You know what? I will” You puffed up your chest. As you walked over to the weights section, every male stared at you. Each gaze felt like a glower and your confidence chipped along with it. Once you finally reached the dumbells, you were shaking.

“Hey ______”

You jumped, “Eek!” You almost knocked over the whole shelf of dumbells.

Steve grabbed hold of your arm so you wouldn’t hurt yourself. “Are you okay?”

Your knees felt like jelly, “Never better” You blushed at how his sweaty shirt clung to his pecs.

He smiled as he took his hand away, “Good. So what are you doing here?”

Trying to be nonchalant, you replied, “Oh getting some dumbells to tone these arms” You struck a cute pose.

He nodded, “Cool. What weights are you taking?”

You looked at his weights before answering. Your eyes widened to the shape of saucers. ‘He has 50 pound dumbells in EACH hand?! Wtf’

Quickly you grabbed the 8 pounders and answered, “Err the same you have! Got to go! Pepper is waiting for me!” You sped walked all the way back to Pepper.

Pepper shook her head, “What did I tell you; it’s ‘No Woman’s Land’” She headed to the showers.

 “I’ll show you, Pepper” You started your repetitions from your 8-lb weights. “I’ll show you that a woman CAN exercise in ‘No Woman’s Land’”


~~~~~~Timeskip Of Determined Reader with “Eye of the Tiger~”~~~~~~~~


A few months have now passed and your weak body evolved into a sexy fit one.

After hitting the weight you desired, you went to the gym today with a skip in your step.

Listening to “Helicopter” by Martin Garrix, you worked on the weights in ‘No Woman’s Land’ like it was nobody’s business.

Oh yeah. You felt good.

“Hi ____”

With confidence you answered, “Hey Stevie~ Ready to lose?”

He smirked, “You won’t be saying that after 50 reps”

It was your turn to smirk, “Honey, I can do that in my sleep”

During the course of you working out in ‘No Woman’s Land’ you actually got to befriend Steve and you fell for him. This shocked Pepper but as your good friend she supported you and even tried to give you some pointers to flirt.

You sighed as you came back to reality. ‘I know he only thinks of our relationship as platonic’

Steve observed your reaction, “Getting tired yet?”

You shook your head coming out of your blues. “Never! You?”


You snickered, “We shall see~”




An hour and a half later, you were exhausted. Though you were determined not to show it, it was getting harder and harder to fake you still had energy. Also it was difficult to not eye at his abs.

Fortunately, Steve seemed to tire too because he asked, “You want to go to the sauna?”

“Yeah, sounds great” You dropped the dumbells into their appropriate slots with relief. ‘Next time when I do a competition with Steve I promise to get myself mentally ready’

You and Steve headed to the sauna. The good thing was no one was there to take the seats. The bad news was that even though the sauna was empty, you and Steve would have to be touching while the room heated up.

After you closed the door, your cheeks flamed red. Here you were with Steve alone in a dimly lit superheated room with bodies touching.

“Jeez I’m going to have a nosebleed or something”, you muttered.

“Did you say something?”

You sweatdropped (pun intended), “Hehe no”

*Two minutes passed*

The temperature rose. You felt slightly dizzy. “Hey… Steve?”


“Is it just me or is the room spinninnnng?” Your voice slurred and your eyes rolled to the back of your head.

“_____?” Steve grabbed your body before you fell forward to the ground, “ _______?!”




You woke up to Steve fanning cold air to your face.

“Wha-What happened?” you tried to get up before being gently pushed down to the tile floor.

“You passed out” Steve’s blue eyes conveyed concern.

“Oh… that’s embarrassing. I must have pushed myself too hard” You mumbled the last part. ‘When I get back home I’m going to slam my head against the wall-repeatedly

Steve heard your mumbling. “It wasn’t. Why didn’t you say you were exhausted?” Steve brushed a stray hair from your cheeks.

“Because I wanted to prove I could be in ‘No Woman’s Land’ and to talk to you and now I realized I really love you-“ You shut your mouth.

“Really?” You didn’t answer; you were too embarrassed to talk. Steve continued, “I have loved you since I got the chance to know you. I was too scared to approach you until you started working out with the weights" 

You inhaled sharply. “You mean to say that since I went to the weights section you finally had the nerve to talk to me?”


Tears formed in your eyes. “And to think ‘No Woman’s Land’ got me a man”


“Nevermind it’s a long story” Taking a chance, you carefully pressed your lips against his.

Without hesitation, he responded back by wrapping his arms around your waist.

You pulled back giggling.

“??” Steve had a lost expression.

Laughing you explained, “I think we both should take a shower before we kiss again- You’re stinky”

Steve was going to retort when Pepper and Tony came. Tony saw the scene and immediately jeered, “Damn Cap. Maybe you will lose your virginity after all!”

Steve paled then turned into an angry red.

“…!” Tony stilled. Uh-oh something bad is going to happen…

“Tony” Steve spoke through gritted teeth. Tony took this as a sign to run. He ran out of the gym with Steve closely behind.

You watched them chuckling. Pepper shook her head but couldn’t help but smile. She told you, “I guess you proved me wrong. ‘No Woman’s Land’ doesn’t exist anymore” She observed many women now in the weights section.

You beamed, “Yep!” You pointed to yourself, “But this woman finally got her man because of it~”

Misleading Title is Misleading! xD

Public Experience #1: My friends and I dub the back of the gym with weights: ‘No Woman’s Land’. The reason for this is because no girl ever went to that part of the gym. So one day, my friend Sara dared me to go to ‘No Woman’s Land’. I did…. Though I felt VERY intimidated. But after a few weeks, my friends and I started working out there and the rest is just history J

Public Embarrassment #1: Once when I overworked myself in gym, I went into the sauna with Vivi. Sadly I really did pass out and she had to take me out in order to revive me. LOL talk about embarrassing!

Hope you guys like the story or my personal experiences~! Comment if you had the same experience or whatever your heart desires! :D

“Remember to Bend and Snap~!”- Reese Whitherspoon (From the film, "Legally Blonde")

(P.S. If you want to leave an idea for the next story please leave a comment on my journal~)


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