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A nine year old girl crashed into her father’s bed thus waking Steve up.

“Ah!” Steve yelled when the little girl pounced on him.

The little girl grabbed the shirt of her father and yelled, “Where’s Mommy?!” Tears formed in her eyes.

Steve was half-awake but once he noticed tears from his daughter, he automatically woke up. He sat up and snugged her into his arms. “It’s okay sweetie. Mommy is at work right now”

The little girl wouldn’t believe it. “No Daddy she can’t be! It’s Mama’s Day!”

‘Oh right. It’s Mother’s Day… crap I forgot to get her flowers!’ Steve thought.

The little girl touched her father’s face. “Daddy why do you look so serious?”

Steve blinked and looked to his daughter, “Honey how do you feel making Mommy the greatest Mother’s Day ever?”

She grinned, “Yay! Let’s get Mommy the best Mama’s Day ever!” She jumped from Steve’s arms and ran into her room.

Steve smiled and texted his wife, ______.

“Happy Mother’s Day ______”


~~~~~Timeskip Of Work Sucks When You’re Working On Mother’s Day~~~~~~~~


You got a buzz from your phone and you went to check on it.

You saw the text was from Steve and you immediately grinned. The text read:

“Happy Mother’s Day ______”

You smiled and texted back, “Thank u Steve. Was that from our daughter? J

Not a second passed when he answered, “It’s from the both of us ;D”

You laughed, “Steve I luv u but I’m pretty sure I’m not ur mother…. That would be weird”

He took a moment to respond, “U’re the mother of my child therefore u apply :P

You snickered, “No Steve. Just no. I’ll be home in a couple of hours. Bye luv u!”

“Luv u too” He replied.

You sighed happily and went back to work.


~~~~~~~~Timeskip Brought To You By The Devious Planning of Steve and his Daughter~~~~~~~~~


You got home from work bone-tired.

The work was long and your boss was such a motherfu-.

“Hi Mommy!”

Your daughter ran into you and you almost fell.

“Hey baby! How are you?” You picked up your daughter. “Umpf! You’re getting heavy!”

She giggled, “Mama! Daddy and I are going to give you the best Mama’s Day ever!”

“Oh really?” You kissed your daughter’s nose, “And how are you guys going to do that?”

Steve came out from the kitchen, “No spoilers”

You chuckled. “Fine” You kissed Steve which he gladly returned. He then gently led you to the kitchen. “Is this part of the Mother’s Day surprise?”

Little Andrea began, “Yeah it has-“ Steve shushed her and Andrea sniggered, “Sorry Daddy”

You raised an eyebrow. Going into the kitchen, you saw your surprise and gasped.

In front of you was the most decorated cake in the world. It had your (fav flavor) frosting and real roses strewn across the bottom of the plate it rested atop of. Next to it was your favorite perfume wrapped in a pink bow. But that wasn’t the part that made you cry. It was the picture that held you, Steve, and your daughter. On the frame written in your daughter’s handwriting it read:

“Love you Mama! Happy Mama’s Day!”

Your daughter, who was still in your arms, kissed your cheek. “You like it Mama?”

You wiped your tears away with your free hand and kissed her cherubic face. “I don’t like it. I love it!”

Steve went over to you and you kissed him passionately. “Thank you Steve”

“Anything for my beautiful wife” He rested his forehead against yours.

Your daughter started gagging, “Eww! Get a room!” She slid down from your arms and headed to the cake. “Let’s eat cake!”

You looked to your daughter and grinned. “Of course!” You took Steve’s hand still snuggling against him.

“I love you”

“Love you more _____. Happy Mother’s Day”

You playfully bantered, “I’m not your Mom”

“No but you’re the lovely mother of my child” He held you close and kissed you.


“Stop kissing Mommy and Daddy! I’m going to get cooties!!” 

Prepare to be choked on fluff, cough it out to only be choked again! Oops!   Tears may or may not be shed in the reading of this story. Can't Breathe

For all the mother’s out there: Happy Mother’s Day!

I had to write it with Steve… my Mom loves Steve with a passion so I practically HAD to write this. lol

Leave a comment below how your celebrated Mother’s Day! Rawr :3 


Personal Tender Moment #1:

When I was younger my father and I would get my Mom flowers and cake to surprise her. Needless to say, she was blissful and cried happy tears. Waaaah! 

Hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day! With love your author, Cassylovespink! Love 

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SilverTheMystica Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Someone is spending too much time with their uncle Tony......
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 “Eww! Get a room!” ? Their daughter spends to much time with stark xD

But the story is really cute ;w; <3
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XD Andrea pulled a joker...
"Daddy why do you look so serious?"

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Oh my gosh. This reminded me if something my friend, Daniel told me; His mother thought Mother's Day was one week before last week and made him treat her as if it were Mother's Day.

It was hilarious.
Jedi-TARDIS-Chick101 Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
“Daddy why do you look so serious?”  XD
Good job, this was really cute!
cassylovespink Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
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Thank you for noticing! And thank you for the nice compliment! :)
Jedi-TARDIS-Chick101 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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