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March 25
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“I think you forgot about me”

A fist contacted the thug’s face and you were thrown to the side to the safety behind your car.

‘What was that?!’ you yelled into your head. You struggled to get up and take a peek from behind your car.

Who would possibly save you? Who was daring enough to risk their life for you?

Blinking your eyes a bit you noticed a certain man whose grey eyes never left your dreams. Levi.

“Levi??” you semi-shouted.

Your client or should I say your savior was fighting three thugs at once. He ducked and swerved avoiding knife wounds. Every move he did inflicted pain against his opponent.

The ape thug was on the ground glaring daggers at Rivallie. He seemed to have muttered something as he pulled out something from his back pocket.

Your eyes widened. ‘That must be a gun!’

“Levi!” you screeched.

Quickly Levi turned around.

“Levi! He has a gun!” You pointed to the ape thug.

Levi turned his eyes and ran to him.

Seeing his cover was blown the ugly gorilla-looking thug shot at Levi. However Levi was smart. He rolled into the shadows and the thug lost sight of him.

“Sh*t!” the thug yelled as he shot into the shadows. When he couldn’t find him, the thug swiftly stood up and aimed his gun to you. “You b*tch! Prepare to die!”

“No how about you” A low growl emanated from the darkness. Rivallie grabbed hold of the gun and wrestled with the thug.

You ducked as shots were fired from the gun. Your stomach dropped. ‘No! Levi!’

You got up from your only safety; knowing you were risking your life. But you didn’t care. Levi was the only thing you cared about. “Levi!”

You saw Levi and the thug on the ground motionless. Your heart momentarily stopped. “Levi!” You immediately sprinted to his body and took his head into your lap.

His eyes automatically opened and he flinched when he saw your face. “_______?”

You exhaled in relief. “Yeah it’s me” ‘Thank goodness he is unscathed!’

Levi grunted and then remembered about the thug. He saw the gun a few feet from him and he reached out to get it.

“What are you doing?!” seeing your client grabbing the gun and standing up.

Levi raised the gun pointing it at the bleeding gangster. “Finishing the job”

“Isn’t he already dead??” You stood up also.

“No. But he will be” His finger wrapped around the trigger and-

“No!” you pushed his hand and the bullet shot at a concrete wall.

“What the hell!” he exclaimed. “This a$$hole tried to kill you!”

You shook your head. “I know”

He looked to you puzzled. “Then why the hell are you protecting him?!”

You grabbed hold of the gun and his hand. “Because you can’t just kill in cold blood. Its wrong” Levi opened his mouth to retort when you continued, “Also, if you kill someone now you will be convicted and proven guilty”

Reluctantly Rivallie lowered the gun seeing your logic. “Then what do we do with him?”

“We call the police and get this on record” You tried to find your purse but your body was trembling.

Seeing you frightened, Levi helped you find your purse and thus your phone. With shaky fingers you dialed 911 and in a matter of minutes the police were there.

The police put the evil thug in handcuff and shoved him in the back of the cruiser. The thug throughout the whole time was cursing and exclaimed, “That damn lawyer set me up!”

You raised your eyebrow. “Uh?”

The gangbanger kept yelling, “The b*stard set me up! I’m telling you that mother*cking old man set me up!” The police yelled, “Shut up!” and slammed the door in his face.

Realization struck you in the face. So Nik Dok set you up to be killed?! Impossible! Why would he do that?

‘Because he is desperate’ you answered to yourself. You knees felt weak but somehow you held your ground. Levi was watching you the entire time and was relieved you were also unharmed minus a couple of nonthreatening bruises.

You looked to him and smiled. “I think we won our case”

He nodded and hinted a grin.

“Thank God…”


~~~~~~~Timeskip of Reader-chan Softly Gazing at Her Savior~~~~~~


Relieved you were finally at the footsteps of your home, you relaxed finally. True you drove to your house but Levi was with you. He insisted- no demanded to stay with you.

You grinned at the memory as you opened to the front door to your house.

You turned back to see Levi hesitant to follow. You grinned. “Come on in! No need to be shy”

He ignored your last comment and stepped inside.

You smirked at his less than composed thug image. Then you went to close the door when a rush of exhaustion hit your body.

Wanting to lean on something closeby, your tired body leaned on Levi’s.

“???” Levi tried to push you away but your body was slowly sinking to the ground. “Eh!” He lifted you by your arm. When that didn’t work he was ‘forced’ to wrap an arm around your waist.

You smiled feebly. “I guess that near death experience took all my energy”

He rolled his eyes and said, “Tch. Damsel in Distress”

You narrowed your eyes. “Pfft, I am not! Look I can stand on my own!” You shoved his arm away. Once your support was gone, you saw your face heading earthbound. “Uh-oh”

Rivallie grabbed you in the nick of time. “Dumba$$! You can’t stand! Ugh. Stubborn woman”

You huffed. “Whatever. I can hold on my own”

He clenched his jaw. “Oh? Like you could handle those thugs? You could have been killed!” Fury mirrored in his eyes with a fire that made you take a step back.

You didn’t know he cared about you so much. “L-Levi?”

He interrupted you, “Idiot! If I wasn’t there you would have been dead right now!” The grip around your waist tightened. He looked away while still holding you.

“…I’m sorry” you said at last. Your [e/c] eyes looked to his handsome face. “I should have paid more attention to my surroundings. I didn’t mean to cause so much trouble”

He ruggedly exhaled. “But that wasn’t the worst part…”

Your expression turned puzzled. “What?”

He finally looked to you. “The worst part was… I couldn’t stand losing you” His face inched to yours.

“…!” You were in stunned silence. ‘Did he just say what I think he said? No way.’ You were shook out of your thoughts when you realized he wasn’t done talking.

Hesitantly he added, “I think I love you ______” Leaving you no time to respond, he kissed you roughly.

The lawyer part of you thought, ‘This is so inappropriate! You could be fired _____! All that hard work would be flushed down the toilet!’ But your more rebellious side thought, ‘Screw your f*cking ethics! You have been waiting for something exciting for forever! Plus don’t you feel that you love him too?’

You debated within yourself when Levi pulled away. He looked down actually blushing. “I better leave”

‘No!’ you thought. ‘But do I want to risk everything for an emotion I have never felt before?’ You saw him turning away. ‘I can’t help but only wanting him and having him more than just a client. Am I stupid? Am I an idiot?’ He took a step toward the door. ‘Well… I feel like I need this. I love him. Whatever happens, I feel that even my career doesn’t matter’


He looked back only for you to run into him. “The f-!?” You both fell to the ground.

You grabbed his suit collar and said, “I think I fell for you Levi. Lord knows how but I love you!” You passionately kissed him and pushed your body to his.

Rivallie was by all means shocked but he eventually unwound and let the bliss overtake him.

You parted from him for air but you saw him smirking. “What are you smirking at?”

“You are so dramatic” His hand made his way to your [h/c] locks and stroked it.

You turned scarlet. “Shut up. You said you loved me too”

He slightly nodded. “I did” His hand pushed your head to his. “So _____ am I still a client or a lover~?”

Your embarrassment hit the roof. “I-I-”

He enjoyed your stuttering. “Cat got your tongue?”

You struggled to get off of him determined not to feel submissive but he flipped you over. Your back settled on the plushy floor and his eyes glittered with predatory grace.

“Now don’t think you can run away. I didn’t take you as a coward”

You stilled, “I am not a coward”

He leered. “Prove it”

You put your hand to the side of his face and slid it down lower. He shivered and you huskily uttered, “Like that, mister thug?”

He bit a groan and you smirked. You stopped your hand before it reached his pants. He growled in frustration and in a rush of movement you rolled from under him and stood up.

He was astonished. You tricked him!

You laughed. “Oh come now, don’t look so angry! Besides I like to play hard to get” You threw off your heels and headed to your room. Before closed your bedroom door you said, “Thank you Levi for saving me… but you’re sleeping on the couch”

You slammed the door leaving a hot and bothered thug on the floor fuming.

But no matter, he will get you soon enough~.

YUS! Another chappy for the Mankind's Strongest Defender (or I this case should I say thug? //Thrown off a cliff//)

I want to thank my patient watchers for making this story come alive! I love you all! Chili Anime Emoji (Snuggy hug) [V2] 

Anyway, yup FINALLY some ROMANCE between the reader and Levi~  Hope you likey ((Jeez I am writing a lot of lovey-dovey fics))

Love/Like/Hate/Comment/Fave or Fangasm It doesn't matter~! All I want is your guys happiness Neko Emoji-17 (Happy) [V1] 

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(Its the Ending!!) 
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