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July 29, 2013
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You were swimming in the crystal blue water of Lake Constance, Germany. Its waves were gently lapping against your arms. You [h/c] hair was wet and slicked back. The afternoon sun was gently beating down your [s/c] skin. Your [e/c] eyes looked up to a cloudless spectacular blue sky.

“_____ vhat are you doing?”

You turned around to see your long-time boyfriend walking towards you from the beach. You smiled and admired how his eyes exactly matched the sky.

“Ludwig, I was only looking at the sky. Plus, you should come join me, the water feels nice~”

Ludwig looked you and then the sun. You saw he was growing a bit uncomfortable from the heat by seeing his flawless white skin turned pink.

“Fine, liebe. I vill join you”

You grinned as he joined you in the waist deep water. You could tell that the cool water relieved some of the heat he felt from the sun.

“It’s nice isn’t it? The lake, the weather, and this secluded spot..”

“Ja. It ist nice” He turned to you and gave one of those rare smiles that only you can bring out.

You reached out and hugged his strong waist. You looked up, leaned forward, and softly kissed his perfect pink lips.

Even though you guys went out for months, it still shocked him how affectionate you were towards him considering his stern nature. He loved how you could always manage to make him smile whether he is angry or sad. He was always happy when you were there to comfort him when Feli was annoying the crap out of him.

The day he met you was honestly one of the best days of his life. He would remember you in your pretty [f/c] dress and the way you acted so gracefully when you talked to Feli. Your pretty [h/c] locks falling against your beautiful body. And when he finally known you long enough, he confessed his love for you. You joyfully returned his, and once you became his girlfriend that was another best day for him. But today, he will make it the BEST of the BEST days of his life… by asking you to marry him.

He gladly kissed you back with more passion and vigor than you did. You grinned against his lips as you licked his bottom lip. He wanted to tease you so he kept his mouth closed. You obviously not liking that you were not getting your way, grinded against him with your blue bikini bottom with his German-flagged swim trunks. Ludwig knowing your tricks smirked against you mouth, and detached his mouth only for it to be placed near your ear. He said, “Schatz, did you forget that I am zhe one that ist in control?”

You being the rebellious one said, “Oh yeah? Are you sure about that?”

Ludwig, ready for the challenge, gave you a lustful smile before he answered, “Oh ja”

He brought you closer to him. You gave him a look that read, ‘That’s it? Really’

But the German man was not to be messed with.

He stealthily snaked one arm around your waist while the other hand squeezed your butt. You gave a surprised squeak and while your mouth was open, Ludwig took it as the perfect opportunity to thrust his tongue into your open mouth.

Tongues twisted and fought in order to see who the dominant one was. Ludwig, to ensure his victory, took the hand that was on your butt and rubbed your left breast through your blue bikini top. áAs you moaned, Ludwig quickly wrestled and sucked on your tongue, allowing him to be the winner.

Against his mouth, you mumbled, “Y-you c-cheated”

In response, Ludwig tilted your head, and further deepened the kiss. Once you were thoroughly dizzy from that intense make out session, Ludwig pulled away and said, “All ist fair in love and var”

He pulled back even further and you, still dizzy, looked at him questioningly.

Ludwig was the type of person who found it hard to tell his feelings especially to the one he loved; but he knew that the time to propose was now or never.

He reached down into the pocket of his swim trunks and took out a sealed black box. You looked down and thought, ‘Is he going to-?!’

He kneeled down as far as he could into the water and asked, “_-____, I just vanted to a-sk.. I-If you could…” His face turned a full shade of scarlet that you knew wasn’t from the sun. “Vould you become meine liebe Frau?” He hurriedly said.

You knowing a bit of German, understood what he said and gave a huge smile. “Of course! Ludwig I would love to be your frau!”

The German man gave the biggest smile you have ever seen. He grabbed you and swung you around in a circle and kissed you. Once he placed you down, he opened the box and took the princess cut diamond ring out and placed it to your ring finger. You watched teary eyed, “I love you Ludwig”

“Ich Liebe Dich auch ____” and put his forehead to yours while looking into your [e/c] eyes.

“So fiancÚ…. Since we are here alone… in this secluded spot…. Shall we consummate our union early~?”

Ludwig immediately picked you up bridal style and headed to the beach. “It vould be my pleasure~~~”
WARNING: Contains a hint of LEMON-NESS! Don’t like, don’t read!

This is a oneshot but if you want more, request! :)
Also, since I don't know German; I used google translate. >.< Tell me if I made any grammatical errors.

:iconcassylovespink: :iconsaysplz: So I decided to write about Hetalia. I can’t help it! Ludwig be in my head! :iconsexygermanyplz:

:icongermanyplz: :iconsaysplz: V-Vhat?! :icongermanicdespairplz:

:iconcassylovespink: :iconsaysplz: You didn’t hear that! Now read what I own!

:icongermanyplz: :iconsaysplz: *Gives death stare to me then turns to audience* Cassylovespink only owns the storyline.
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Ah, ok...
Everything is awesome here, apart from the title stumps me a little (I've only been learning German for about two and a half years now, so I'm no expert)

But, by my intelligence, it reads precisely:

'My Love', and as I'm taught, Frau would refer to a woman who is married, or is of a certain maturity (I'm told there's a certain age when you refrain on calling her fräulein, which is Miss, if I'm correct) 

So, speaking literally, yeah, it says 'My love woman',
which doesn't make a heap of sence (I know about the literal translations with German; it doesn't often work. Bear in mind, I've not used a translator for this example; the tend to be incorrect. *COUGH, MORGAN FREEMAN VOICE* For an example, Ich Fußball gespielt, would literally be 'I football Played', but we'd say, obviously,  I played football) but this doesn't work...Upon any of my German logic.

Bearing in mind, I was taught ONLY the language, I learned next to nothing about culture and much less terms for loving someone, so it may be a traditional German vow, or something like that.
nerdygamer7896 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
i'm german,but born in america and living there.
i know a bit of the language,but you are correct.
i know about the parents say i speak good german
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