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August 3, 2013
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Meteor after meteor was streaking past the clear midnight blue sky in Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden. They lit up the sky as if the stars themselves decided to pass Earth to give their heavenly white glow. The sight was truly amazing, so amazing that you raised your [s/c] arms up to the heavens and threw your head back enjoying the beauty of nature.

“It’s just all so beautiful!”

*Grunt* You lowered your arms and slowly turned around to find your new husband grunting in agreement.

Your [c/e] eyes took in his appearance. He was wearing a tight blue tank top with beige khaki shorts and dark blue tennis shoes. You admired his wonderful blonde hair and how it soft it was. His white skin seemed to shine everytime a meteor who streak past. All his muscles were showing though his tank top bulging showing how (lustfully) fit he was. But the thing you looked at last was his eyes, eyes so blue that they seemed to match the sky above you.

You gave a smile and went to him, wrapping your arms around his waist. “You like it do you?”

Berwald simply nodded but continued to gaze at you.

Mischievously you asked, “More than me?”

His grip on you went a little tighter on you when he said, “ ’ l’ve min fru” before he kissed your forehead.

You were obviously not satisfied he kissed your forehead instead of your lips.  I mean, you loved him for his nature and his lack of talking but you loved when he took the chance to be romantic with you. So you went ahead to tease him.

“Aww Berwald, you missed”  He smirked and replied, “Nej, ‘ d’d’nt”
You looked at him intently and thought, ‘He is teasing me again. Well, two can play at that game~’

Berwald, although he knew he was socially awkward especially with romance, knew everytime he teased you, you would always get him back in a way that always benefitted him (if you know what I mean). All he had to do was wait patiently.

Unexpectedly, you got out of his tight hold and said, “Let’s watch the meteor shower!” Before Berwald could react, you grabbed hold of his hand and bounded to a small clearing where you guys can sit comfortably.

You let go of his hand, plopped yourself to the ground, and crossed your legs. Berwald watched you with a seemingly blank look until you said, “Come join me, husband!”

Berwald looked to the ground then you before he too sat on the ground crisscrossed with you. As you sat looking up at the meteor shower above, he would stare at you with the corner of his eye. He admired that the sky illuminated your beautiful face and how bright your [e/c] eyes would sparkle with joy everytime a meteor passed closeby.

He remembered when you first met him through Tino. When you weren’t in his life, he was always looked at as frightening, so frightening that even his best friend Tino was scared of him. But once you came through that front door of his house with Tino laughing, his heart exploded. Your [h/c] hair bouncing softly as you threw you head back laughing and wearing a pretty sundress that showed off all your pleasant features. Once you glanced at him, your [e/c] orbs captivated him; captivated him so much that eventually he confessed his love for you. Quickly you two became boyfriend and girlfriend, and no sooner than that you guys got married.

Berwald continued to gaze at you and as he was thinking about you, you turned your head and said “Like what you see?”

Your husband blushed lightly and then grunted before looking back up at the meteors.

‘Hmm… he seems like he wants to do something. Hehe, looks like he wanted to do more than kiss my forehead. Time to put my plan of ‘Making Berwald a Hot Mess’ into effect!” *imaginary fist pump*

You slowly (sexily) crawled to Berwald. He noticed that you were coming closer to him and raised his eyebrow ‘questioningly’. You continued crawling until you reached his ear. You put your mouth close and whispered, “I am going to get you back for teasing me earlier”
You slowly backed away from his ear and looked at his face. He apparently gave you an indifferent stare.

You slightly frustrated, hopped on top of him, and put your face inches from his. “You WILL pay for teasing me”

Berwald inwardly smirked; he knew you tended to get a little angry whenever he gave you an indifferent stare after you acted sexy.  

‘Crap this isn’t working. I guess I have to try harder!’ You lowered your face to his to close the gap between your lips. You kissed passionately while wrapping your arms around his neck.

Berwald felt his arms twitch, aching to wrap around your waist but he still wanted to tease you.

You looked at him after kissing him, you face flushed from the kiss, but he remained as emotionless as ever.  Giving a “Hmph!”, you finally stradled his lap. You then pushed him down to the ground. And when he still refused to give you more emotion, you rubbed your body against him before kissing him.

Berwald’s patience was gradually fading, and soon he returned your kiss. When you finally grinded your hips with his, his patience snapped.

He flipped you over, his face covered in blush, and heavily breathing.  Looming over you, he said, “ Y’u tempted the li’n ______”

You gave a mental ‘Yes! I got him right where I want him!’ when you put your hands in his blonde locks, brought him close, and said “I don’t want to just tempt the lion, I WANT him”

Berwald gave a (almost lion) growl before picking you up bridal style. You gave a tiny squeak from the sudden change of position; that and his hand grabbed you’re a$$.

He looked down and gave you the most lustful stare you have ever seen on a man before turning around and jogging to your guys’ tent.
WARNING: Contains SOME LEMONY-NESS! Don’t read if you don’t like! :iconlemonsplz:

:iconcassylovespink: :iconsaysplz: OMFG First, Germany and now Sweden!? What is wrong with me?

Sweden! Why do you have to be so hot!? :iconsexysweden2plz:

:iconberwaldplz: :iconsaysplz: ….. :iconsveplz:

:iconcassylovespink: :iconsaysplz: Hehe.. erm…uh this is awkward. Sweden tell them what I own!

:iconberwaldplz: :iconsaysplz: ……. :iconswedenstareplz:

:iconcassylovespink: :iconsaysplz: Well… seems like he said it! I own nothing but the storyline!

:iconberwaldplz: :iconsaysplz: *Grunt*

:iconcassylovespink: :iconsaysplz: Yes, Berwald?

:iconberwaldplz: :iconsaysplz: :iconberwaldspantiesplz:

:iconcassylovespink: :iconsaysplz: WHA-WHAT!?! :iconomgwthplz: :iconcomputernosebleedplz:
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